Monday, February 23, 2009

Pulling an All-Nighter

I am a pretty lame person these days...the general definition of lame in our circle of friends is that I only want to go out one night of the weekend (if that) and I am usually nagging Tom to go home around midnight. I am a nester and getting Fifa has only intensified my desire to stayed in and hang out in our cozy little condo. The last time we stayed out all night was quite by accident. Tom and I went to Kirkland to see Guy's new condo. Guy was the consummate host and never let your glass reach empty. While that is a superb thing for a host to do, it makes it very difficult to know how much you have drank. We were having a wonderful time and then the next thing I know Tom is waking me up (I was sprawled on Guy's couch). Tom informs me that he and Guy quit drinking a while ago and they have been chatting about football (soccer). Also, they just reheated some of the leftover Indian food from dinner and now we should go home as it is 7:00 am - yikes!

Last Friday was Betta's last night in Japan. Igor had the day off so they were gonna kick it in Tokyo all day and then Betta wanted to party all a club called Womb (I kid you not). They had a hotel room b/c Betta had luggage and I imagine she wanted a shower after dancing all night at a club before boarding a 12-hour flight to Seattle. Brian and I (Tom had to work on Saturday - boo!) choose to meet up with them and stay out all night, catching the early train home (the trains don't run between ~12:00 am - ~5:00 am).

Brian and I met up in Yokosuka and pre-funked on the train to Yokohama (it isn't not illegal to drink on the trains). A quick stop at Brian's place for a drink and for Brian to shower and change into "club" attire...then a bit more pre-funking on the train to Tokyo. At this point Betta and Igor are waiting very patiently for us outside the Shibuya train station...waiting b/c Brian and I had a bit of trouble finding the right station exit (perhaps a bit too much pre-funking). We finally met up and headed to Womb...we paid the crazy cover charge, stashed our stuff in a locker and hit the dance floor. It was packed! There was a live techno DJ and laser lights and smoke. The four of us spent the next four hours jumping around, "dancing", laughing, shouting, etc. Betta and Igor called it a night (sad - Betta is going back to Seattle) and Brian and I hit up a 24-hr ramen shop before catching an early morning train out of Tokyo.

All in all it was a great time and staying out all night was easier than I had thought! I'm not a techno fan at all but it was the perfect music to keep us jazzed up the entire also don't have to think too much about your dance moves since it involves a lot of jumping. Speaking of jumping...

I'm not really sure you can tell with this photo but the tops of my feet were absolutely brutalized from being stepped/danced on. My right foot has several very distinct stiletto heel marks (kudos to the girl - or guy - who can actually survive a techno club in stilettos).
The only downer was that Tom couldn't go...although, I guess that gives me the perfect excuse to do it again. :)

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  1. Sounds pretty fun! (Minus the stiletto heel bruises... ouch!)